Monday, March 10, 2014

March Update

Hey all!

Sorry I've been on a MAJOR hiatus, but many things has been changing in my life and things have finally seemed to settle for the moment and I've felt the need to share some things. I've been wanting to write things to ensure that I don't forget them, hence this is me writing them now (at least for the beginning ;) ).

I JUST finished my first day of clean eating and must I say, it was really difficult! I decided a couple weeks ago to begin working out again, and since I know my full results won't show if I don't follow up with healthy eating, I have decided to finally change my diet.

Not just parts of it--almost all of it. I'm not allowing myself to add butter to any of my meals and I've cut down my sugar intake which is a major plus. The only thing that I've indulged in today are what I'm eating right now (haha) which are banana oatmeal cookies with dark chocolate (+1!)--if I have to have my chocolate fix, I might as well do it with dark chocolate and healthy goodness :)

The reason why I want to write this and share it with you all is not really because I'm changing my diet, but because I feel excellent. Today I've been given a large dosage of energy and from what? Not eating all the junk food in my house.

You heard it from me. I ate healthy and I felt like I could do so much more. I didn't have the weight of all those snacks in my stomach pulling me down and making me feel lazy. I can't even describe how great I'm feeling and I can't wait to go through this routine again tomorrow!

Also, since my last post, I have stopped learning Swedish (personal reasons... they don't really make any sense to me haha) and I have started Romanian. I've been eyeing the language for a couple years since I discovered Romanian dance music which is the BEST. MUSIC. IN. THE. WORLD.

Does anyone else share my fascination of Romania? The music is great, and the people seem so friendly. I'm learning Romanian because I feel really connected to it--the music was what pulled me into learning the language two years later. Now, not only do I get to enjoy Romanian music in English, but also in it's native tongue. What's even cooler is that I've recently been able to create sentences! Yeah, they aren't that spectacular but to be able to create sentences after about a month (I'm not really sure when I started) of dedicating time to the language, I am really proud of myself, and if that motivates just one person out there to start learning a new language, then my job here is done. Learning a language is such a joyful experience and, eventually, when I start uploading more unto my blog, I will share my tips and my daily routine with keeping up on my languages.

I hope everyone is having a spectacular start to March and I wish you all the best!