Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Rhinebeck Aerodrome In Photo Tour

Hello all! I apologize for my long hiatus, but things were VERY hectic in June and I just wanted to finish everything so that it would get out of my way, and now I can finally relax and enjoy my summer :)

Below is another photo walkthrough of the Rhinebeck Aerodrome Saturday show. Guys. This show was AMAZING--if I wasn't so interested in flying, then it probably wouldn't have, but I am so thankful that I got to experience this show with my dad and see all the other aircraft they have from around the WWI era! I'll definitely be going back to see the Sunday show in the near future :)

I won't be adding captions to the photos, just because I wouldn't want to spoil anything for you--would I?

Anyways, I'll shut up and let you look through the photos. And sorry guys, I don't have a video for it :(

I also have pictures of the Walk over the Hudson bridge, but I have yet to put them on my computer. They'll be up soon, though, and so will some more frequent updates!

See you soon! :)