Monday, May 19, 2014

Beach Week (in Photos!)

Hey all,

I'm really liking the idea of showing you a trip/vacay in photos, while I have a video for it as well! This past weekend I traveled to the beach with some friends, and boy was it fun :)

So you can ACTUALLY see the sunset, sunrise, and dolphins, I am going to add my video here (you also get to meet some of my friends! :))

Although this is a roll of two days at the beach, I made it from sunrise to sunset, so the days are combined.


Took the pic from one of my videos! If you want to see more dolphin footage, check out the video :)


Ferris wheel at the nearby park--I had ridden it when I was a little kid so it was a deja-vu kind of thing ;)

Cookies N' Cream Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream Cake--WHAT?! It was SO GOOD.