Friday, November 8, 2013

My First Trip Abroad

This past week was filled with major stress for me! My school is in the process of testing, which means that I actually have to study (teehee), and yesterday I completed a 3-hour French placement exam for college (which starts in a couple of months). Let me tell you, my headache is still with me after all the worrying I did about it, so today I'm trying to relax as much as possible.

Since we're still on a "acquaintance" level here (let's be honest now), I thought I'd share with you photos from some of my past vacation. This past summer I traveled to England and France to do some sightseeing and practice my French with the natives.

What follows is a dandy slideshow of photos from my trip. If you're interested in what anything is, please feel free to ask and I'll tell you.


Several hours after we landed in England (at the deadly 6 A.M.), we went straight to the city to start the sightseeing! I was working off of about 30-ish hours of no sleep, so the first day I was super tired, but there were only good memories here ^^

Oh look! It's that double decker bus everyone talks about!

The ceiling was incredible to look at, as well as the structuring of the cathedral (this trip made me really into these types of buildings).

There's the glass shard! (right side)




I felt like this was right out of a movie, it was so cool!

This was at a market we went to nearing the last day of our visit. What they do is they core (is that right?) the pineapples/melons, blend the two fruits together, and then put them back in the fruits' shells/outer somethingorother. It tasted really good too, which is always a plus (IMO).
Onto France:

This was the first view we had, which was also where I first had the urge to find a bathroom (which took us 20 mins because they don't have any near here that are free).

This photo mind blows me EVERY TIME because this was right after I had seen the Eiffel Tower for the first time, and it made me realize that I was ACTUALLY in France (rahrah!). This is probably my favorite memory of France.

Gosh, just--my goodness. This place was wicked.

I would have gone to the upper level, but being that there was a line (and my feet were not used to this extreme walking), we decided that we'd leave it for our next trip ;)


Thanks for looking through my photos! If you want to use any of them, please give me credit and there'll be no problem (or else...)

See you soon!


P.S. I started a tumblr for this blog! If you'd like to go see that as well (since it should be updated more than once a week), I'll give you the link here:

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