Monday, April 21, 2014

My Easter in Photos

Hope those who celebrated Easter had a lovely one ^^

My sister gave my family and I our own bunnies.

My cousin and I post-Easter egg hunt.

Setting the table Peep-style

Michael holding the giant cupcake I had made (it was VERY FILLING; I used brownie mix instead of cake mix).

In the end, it became a birthday cake! (Happy Birthday Mommom! :) )

This was the original birthday cake my grandmother had made my grandfather which was also delicious.

After dinner we usually have a "singing concert", which always makes us laugh. Michael (my cousin) loves to sing, and so he gifts us with a concert whenever we get together.

After dinner (since we eat so much goodness ;) ) we usually take a walk. 

Can you see the bass?

Overall this weekend was more about spending time with my family which was absolutely fantastic! Did you have a nice weekend?

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