Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Learn a Language: DIY Grammar Booklet!

Hey guys,

Well, I've decided--this is the month to learn Portuguese. No excuses. I began learning it a couple of months ago, as school was coming to an end, but now, I want to learn it. Dive in head first. All in a month.


That's right--this month, I'm learning Portuguese full speed! After doing my Spanish challenge for three months the beginning of this year, I noticed that I like small challenges. Small, though. Not three months.

Looking back on my posts (I was learning this language, then not, then this one, then not...), let's just look at the languages I'm learning right now:
Dutch (perhaps?)

I want to get back into Swedish (because I miss it :( ), but this is the month of Portuguese! I recently also tried Dutch, since it was the first language I worked on before French (which was my first serious language four years ago), but Portuguese needs my full attention right now. No more excuses.

While I'm incorporating new ideas/methods to learn Portuguese, I'd like to share them. Just so you have more methods you can incorporate in your language learning :)

IELanguages has been a gift for me. Whenever I wonder about grammar in one of the languages I'm learning, I always go to this site! If the site doesn't have the language I'm learning (for instance, Romanian is one of them), then I scour the web for the juicy grammar rules.

This past week I used Microsoft Publisher to make a Portuguese Grammar booklet, and it is GORGEOUS! I'm very glad I made it because, when I'm practicing my writing skills on lang-8, I now don't have to scurry onto the web and try finding what I'm looking for. This nice booklet answers all my questions.

Not from IELanguages, but My Languages
Notice how I don't like a lot of white space ;)
Taken directly from IELanguages.
So, where do you start? This is as easy as I can make it:

1. Go to Google
2. Search "______ grammar"
3. Find a website that you enjoy/has grammar points that you consider to be necessary for your desired language (Ex: conjugating verbs, irregular verbs, prepositions, everyday vocabulary...)
4. Open Microsoft Publisher and open More Page Sizes
5. Click on the folder entitled Booklet
6. Click on dimensions of 5.5 x 8.5 (8.5 is the regular length of the paper, 5.5 is half of the width)
7. Copy and paste (unless you find errors)

And... walah! I hope that you consider making a grammar book--they are VERY USEFUL when beginning and everything looks like a jumbled mess! I'll be adding more tips and methods as I continue my journey with Portuguese, but, in the meantime, have fun!

Question of the Post: What's your favourite method in learning a language?

PS--Italy photos soon to come up! :)

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