Saturday, November 1, 2014

Irish Challenge Underway!

Dad and I have been doing colored film lately--this is one from the first roll we got back!

Hey all,

So, I really want to document my language learning more closely. After having finished my Spanish tree on Duolingo this week (woo!), I feel really inclined to push forward, get more trees done, and build on my already known knowledge.

Irish, so far, is very captivating to me. I haven't had time to focus on it too much, because ASL has been seducing me to learn more signs (thank goodness I finished the Switched at Birth seasons, because otherwise I wouldn't have so much learning time!), and now it feels like Irish is fighting back! I'm really excited. :)

Just being able to learn a whole new language from scratch (because some of my current languages have been on and off projects, while some have just stayed with me the whole time) is totally mindblowing, and I'm dedicated towards challenging myself with a brand-new, completely I-don't-know-what-this-looks-like language!

My target date to "finish" my Irish studies is December 22nd, 2014. Why am I picking a date so close to Christmas? Well, as we all have experienced, November and December are go-mad-finding-gifts months and I want to see how well I can push myself during those busy months! Plus, I really love winter--it's my most favorite time of the year (surprisingly), and that's why I feel the warmest inside and cozy. Why not learn a new language when you know you're going to be uber happy?

I'm also picking this solely because I've already been playing around with the language, and my one month Portuguese challenge was SUPER successful during August (I think I still have to write about that ;) )! With my blog, I'll document my progress so that you can see what I go through while learning a new language every Saturday. And if I don't, you can yell at me.

I hope that some will go along with me and use the it's-almost-Christmas date as their deadline too! What language will you be challenging?

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